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Topic: Upcoming Concerts in the Seattle Area!

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    Upcoming Concerts in the Seattle Area!

    Hello everyone I just wanted to mention that there are a ton of events coming up that I am lucky enough to have my music featured in! All of them also use GPO in a major way, so I figured I'd plug them here as anyone in the Seattle area is very welcome to come down and check out some of the great music that's going on.

    I'll talk about each one briefly and my involvement in them, then list the info in a what/when/where format for ease of access

    The very first coming up pretty darn soon is this coming Thursday December 1st! Cornish College of the arts is hosting an AIDS benefit concert called Positive! I was able to work with a wonderful dancer/choreographer named Pilar Villaneuva who did a stunning dance piece alongside my piece Lightningfield. Also on the event are several vocalists and a pianist. Additionally, there will be a silent auction beforehand at 7:30pm.

    Secondly: Next week is a big week of performances at Cornish! We call the concert serires Scores of Sound, and it runs nearly non-stop from Tuesday through Friday. I'm going to be involved in three of the concerts: First is the Amplified Composition Studios concert on Tuesday. Included are my two pieces Wavering and A King's Lament played over the nice PONCHO speakers.

    The second event is on Friday, the Songwriting concert. I'll be premiering a brand new song called "The Last Reward," with full orchestral GPO accompaniment! Yes, I'll be singing live I also have a second song called Daily Lives that will be accompanied by guitar, piano and conga.

    As an extension to the normal Scores of Sound schedule, there will be an additional performance on the following Tuesday December 13th! This one is extra special, as it features the wonderfully talented Pacific Rims Percussion Quartet. No GPO here, but the piece is Firepeak in its original live arrangement. It will also involve dance, where the combined effort is titled "O Defender."

    Last, and definately not least: the Cornish Dance department also has a end-of-semester concert series the weekend after Scores of Sound, which is called New Moves! I was lucky to be asked by another talented choreographer/dancer Victor Reyes to write a piece for his dance. It ended up to be Waterfall, and is better than ever in a fully produced dance performance with lighting and flags! The days for the event are December 9th, 10th and 11th, though I'm not certain which day my piece is being performed on. I'll post an update once I find out.

    The important info!

    What: Lightningfield w/ Dance @ AIDS Benefit Concert
    When: Thursday, December 1st at 8pm
    Where: PONCHO Concert Hall
    710 East Roy Street
    Seattle WA 98102
    Price: Free and open to the public
    What: A King's Lament & Wavering @ Scores of Sound Composition Studios Concert
    When: Tuesday, December 6th @ 2pm
    Where: PONCHO Concert Hall (address above)
    Price: Free and open to the public
    What: New vocal piece with GPO accompaniment "The Last Reward" @ Scores of Sound Songwriting Concert
    When: Friday, December 9th @ 3pm
    Where: PONCHO Concert Hall (address above)
    Price: Free and open to the public
    What: Waterfall w/ Dance @ Cornish College New Moves Concert
    When: Friday December 9 @ 8pm, Saturday December 10 @ 8pm, Sunday December 11 @ 8pm
    Where: Velocity MainSpace Theater: 915 East Pine, 2nd Floor, Oddfellows Hall, Seattle
    Tickets: $5 general, $3 students, seniors and Cornish College alumni
    What: Live performance of Firepeak w/Dance (as 'O Defender') by the Pacific Rims Percussion Quartet
    When: Tuesday, December 13th @ 8pm
    Where: Kerry Hall, Room 311
    710 East Roy Street
    Seattle WA 98102
    Price: Free and open to the public

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    Re: Upcoming Concerts in the Seattle Area!

    Hey! Congratulations! My best wishes that all goes well for you and your music! Nice....

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    Re: Upcoming Concerts in the Seattle Area!


    Thanks for the report. You certainly have an active musical life and seems like you're having a great time with it. Cornish is a terrific place.

    If I get off this island and to the continent I'll do my best to make it to one of the events, and if not a future event. Maybe Tom can attend one of the events.

    All the best,

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Upcoming Concerts in the Seattle Area!


    Thanks for a very enjoyable evening of percussion music and dance. I've always been a fan of contemporary percussion ensembles and this performance was varied, well executed, and had a sense of humor as a bonus. Very nice to meet and talk with you too (however briefly.) Gary was sorry his schedule didn't permit him to attend - perhaps some other time. Keep up the fine work.


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    Re: Upcoming Concerts in the Seattle Area!

    And thank you for coming, Tom! I was very pleased with how the concert went, and how great a turnout we had from the audience. Definately a pleasure meeting you.


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