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Topic: MOTU MTP AV on PC??

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    MOTU MTP AV on PC??


    Does anybody use MTP AV paralel version midi interface on PC Win98 or WinME?
    I just got one, and I have horrid problems with it.
    It worked like a charm for couple of days and now the only thing windows detects is his ADAT out and Midi All out port?
    Reinstaling the driver couple hundred times ocasioanly helps, but it\'s not a solution cause sooner or later it gets scrued again.
    After searching the net, this is aperantly a well known bug, and MOTU didn\'t do anything about it...the solutions they are sugesting are stupid and don\'t work.
    So please if anybody is runing MTP AV paralell sucesfully on a PC win 98/ME, I would really need some help... [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: MOTU MTP AV on PC??

    I use the Midi Timepiece MTP AV via my parallel printer port. But I use XP home. The unit works 100%. I have currently 5 MIDI IN\'s and 1 MIDI out connected. No latency, excellent midi routing.

    One of the my MIDI in comes from a Digital Church Organ which sends a lot of other signals beside the note ON/OFF info. They are sys-ex messages and other staff which drive the Midi Timepiece bananas and sometimes crashed my computer.(blue screen).

    Fortunately the Digital Organ has a MIDI FILTER, If I turn the Filter ON and take all MIDI information out,(except the note ON/OFF), it works fine. This was the only \"problem\" which I encountered.

    Otherwise the unit works very nicely and has a great flexibility in merging, directing and other features.

    I don\'t know if the OS is the main reason for the performance. Did you consider to upgrade to XP?
    Vaio 2.2 GHz , 512 RAM
    Layla 24
    Motu Tiempiece MTP AV
    5 keyboards and 2 pedal keyboards
    GS 160, XP home.

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    Re: MOTU MTP AV on PC??

    Alex, I had the same problem with my MTP AV on 98SE. I never did get it to show individual midiports. I now use it with XP home, and it has full functionality, along with the ability to load and save setups back and forth (like it works with a MAC).

    I switched to a midisport 2x2 usb interface for th 98 machine, and along with a soundblaster midi in, that\'s enough ports for me.

    On the topic of MOTU and windows, I also use the firewire 828 with XP, and I sure wish MOTU had provided a Windows mixer console like that found on echo\'s sound cards.

    Sorry I didn\'t have better news,


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    Re: MOTU MTP AV on PC??

    I used the parallel MTP AV on Win98se with no real troubles (aside from having to reboot after long periods of inactivity to get it to work). I didn\'t do any kind of midi routing, but I used 2 midi ins, and 3 midi outs and was able to select them in my sequencer.

    Sorry I can\'t say why it works for me, but not for you. I did have a hell of a time getting it to find an IRQ it was happy with, and had to change the mode of my parallel port in the bios.

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