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Topic: White Grand and Black Grand Close for DirectDownload

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    White Grand and Black Grand Close for DirectDownload

    SampleTekk are happy to announce the next step in DirectDownload!
    You can now buy the full versions of SampleTekk's great, (and very big) pianos and download them directly!
    First out are the White Grand and the Close Perspective of the Black Grand

    The introduction price for these pianos are $119 each and there's an upgrade path from WG Jr and Steiny D Close. Mail per@sampletekk.com for info on how to upgrade!

    SampleTekks White Grand - The Ultimate Studio Grand Piano

    "The White Grand is the best piano sample I have heard. It sits beautifully in a mix, as well as alone. It actually sounds alive!" - Paul Linford; film composer, mixer, programmer for Trevor Rabin
    "I had no idea a sampled piano could be this good. It was as if someone told me they had a guitar, and what they showed me was a '54 Strat." - Trevor Rabin; Film Composer, Guitarist
    "In the professional world we don't have time to waste in the studio, so when I need an acoustic piano, I always start with White Grand - it just works. It's presence and brightness is hard to achieve with other piano samples" - Jermey Whaley; producer, composer, musician
    "Probably the very best pop/studio piano that has ever been released. In terms of its evenness and playability, and its consistency of presence from pp to fff, I think it is the best piano sample that has ever been released, period." - Bruce Richardson; composer, sound designer, music-technology guru.

    SampleTekk proudly presents the White Grand, in our opinion, the best contemporary pop/rock/jazz grand piano in the sampled world today.
    We recorded The White Grand with the finest equipment available, using a specially designed digital recording technique to give you unequalled performance and sound.
    You get an astonishing 32 different velocity samples, not only layers, but 32 DIFFERENT samples per note, (plus 4 release samples).

    Demo 1
    Demo2 (performed by Jeremy Whaley
    Demo 3
    Demo 4
    White Rock - Performed by Steve Peffer (currently playing with LeAnn Rimes, toured with Kellie Coffey, Martina McBride, Sara Evans, and many more) and Jeremy Whaley. No processing on the piano! Here's what Steve have to say about the White Grand: "I loved how the White grand cuts. I tend to be a pretty aggressive player, and I like how the piano reacts when I hit hard - It jumps out and comes to life - just like a real piano."

    System Requirements:
    " Gigastudio 160, Kontakt or HALion 2.0
    " System minimum (16 bit version): Pentium III 800 GHz with 512Mb RAM
    " System minimum (24 bit version): Pentium IV 1GHz with 760Mb RAM
    " Recommended: Pentium IV 1.4GHz with 760Mb RAM
    " 3.5 Gb free diskspace

    SampleTekks Black Grand Close - The Concert Grand Piano

    “I was listening to some Suzanne Ciani at work the other day during my lunch hour. She is a huge figure in New Age piano. I also had a CD-R in the machine of some test pieces I had created using the Black Grand (Ambient Perspective). I had actually forgotten that CD was in the machine. When it started playing the Black Grand pieces, I was immediately struck by the fact that it sounded in the zone of the Ciani material, but actually much better - warmer, which for me is a good thing! So here was an unprocessed sampled piano - the Black Grand - sounding much better than a real piano which had been recorded and mastered in a million dollar studio. Amazing! My goal is to produce a piano album, using a sampled piano, that will sound like a real piano. I believe that with the GigaStudio 3 version of Black Grand, I will be able to accomplish this.” - Lawrence Lougheed – Pianist, Composer
    "Been playing the medium ambience set tonight - wow! Can't put it down! Sounds amazing; so much expression! Congratulations on a first class library."
    - Nick Redman
    "Black Grand is really a dream piano" - Pascal Perrin, Composer & Producer
    "Love it! Thanks for your excellent work and the obvious love and care you have for your virtual instruments." - Roger Barnes, Musician and Composer
    "Got the Black Grand. Wow! A sampling masterpiece" - Grant Olsen – Musician & Composer

    The magnificent Steinway D, recorded in a concerthall for the true concert grand experience.
    Incredible 48 samples/note, cut's this sampled instrument in a class of its own.
    The "Close" perspective was recorded with the microphones placed very close to the strings. Normally, this isn't the way you would record a classical piece, but you will find that this perspective gives you a great presence and brilliance. Try this version for an in-your-face pop or jazz sound, or for bold and aggressive features. Definitely reach for this version first on a live performance. It has the raw edge needed to cut through a pounding rhythm section, or to back up a powerful vocalist. The more live your playing space, the more likely that the Close Perspective instrument will work for you.

    Heaven - Performed by Jeremy Whaley
    Junk Man) - Performed by Sue Keller (Reverb Added
    Misty - Performed by Frederik Von Wachenfeldt
    Fjord - Performed by Frederik Von Wachenfeldt
    Take it or leave it - Performed by Frederik Von Wachenfeldt (Trilogy bass, Groove Agent drums)

    System Requirements:
    " Gigastudio 160, Kontakt or HALion 2.0
    " System minimum (16 bit version): Pentium III 800 GHz with 512Mb RAM
    " System minimum (24 bit version): Pentium IV 1GHz with 760Mb RAM
    " Recommended: Pentium IV 1.4GHz with 760Mb RAM
    " 3.5 Gb free diskspace

    Arf, arf, arf...

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    Re: White Grand and Black Grand Close for DirectDownload

    This ain't right. Since I joined I've bought EWQLSO Silver and XP, Ethnoworld3, JABB, and First Call Horns. I was completely satisfied with the Steinway included in Silver...then I heard the White Grand, but for $200 I said "c'mon you don't need this so bad, do ya?"

    Well now for $119, I can't resist. Damn you sample (drug) dealers, enticing us poor musicians with your wares. I'm downloading now.


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