I am about to purchase a new system to run Gigastudio3, and Cubase SX3 to create music.
I have a few questions about Gigastudio:
(I have looked through lots of posts on this forum, and I am sorry if some of these questions have alrdy been answered.)

1.Are dual core processors advisable? I am thinking of getting something like an AMD 4800X2.
2.Does Gigastudio currently work on the new windows XP 64 bit OS? Does it work on 64-bit systems?
3.How many voices can be loaded into GS3, if I am using CubaseSX3 as a sequencer in REWIRE mode? Does it vary with RAM or is there a maximum? (I am thinking of purchasing about 4GB ram (4x1gb ddr ram)

Also as a relatively new composer (I am still taking my A-levels) Could anyone give me some advice as to how to become known in the music business? I am VERY serious about writing music, and would love to write music for film/TV etc.

I might put some links up to some of my compositions (They vary in style from orchestral/orchestral and synth (think enemy of the state/Bill brown) completely synthesised music, Deus Ex style.

Please take some time to answer my questions, I would be very much obliged!

P.S. What gigastudio samples are the best for creating a mix of synth and orchestral pieces?