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Topic: The mother of all questions!

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    The mother of all questions!

    Ok. Some of you might know that I have HUGE problems running my DAW. Maybe problem is my VIA kt133 motherboard. And the mother of all questions is: \"What motherboard is good for DAW?\" It doesn\'t have to be newest. All I need 1000mhz AMD support, two hardrives etc. What boards do you use?

    Thank you so much and I hope that I could finally finally record some guitar tracks!

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    Re: The mother of all questions!

    Why not check out the thread on this topic over on the Tascam forum?

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    Re: The mother of all questions!


    It doesn\'t take tons of money. Being a MAC guy from way back, I was lost in the PC world.

    Instead of floundering on my own, when it came time to purchase a PC for Giga, I went to a place that custom builds them. Installs the sound card, tests the system, get you up and running..and you just make music.

    Sure, I spent more than a commercial brand, but all told, I only would have saved maybe 200 hundred bucks if I had done it correctly from the start. Something that never would have happened.

    For about 2 grand, you can get a compete, working Pro system, complete with Giga software, card, and support.

    I only use a Pentium III, 1GHZ, with 2 internal hard drives, but it is in a rack mount PC, and the problems I had were quickly addressed....(the CD ROm drive crapped out)

    Other than that, I use an RME DIGI9652, ADAT lightpipe to my O2R, wordclock controlled by the Yamaha via BNC cable, and a simple little USB midi interface, emagic MT4.

    That\'s it. Giga has worked fine.

    I use the MAC for the DAW, and the PC is just like a sampler. It seems to me that much of the trouble I hear from people are they are trying to do too much with one computer. I could wrong about that, but I see no benefit from over-taxing the machines. Computers are cheap compared to days past...either PC or Mac.

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