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Topic: Building dedicated GIGA rig...

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    Building dedicated GIGA rig...

    I\'m currently building a GIGA-only machine and was curious what a sufficient CPU would be...I have an old PII 550 (upgradable to a 600 PIII)that I was thinking about converting over; do you think this would be enough horsepower as long as I have enough RAM?

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    Re: Building dedicated GIGA rig...

    My most reliable Gigastudio machine is a PII 450 MHZ!!

    Sure it doesn\'t boot as fast as the others etc, and several functions are slower when editing, saving etc, but it\'s a great machine and like I said, VERY RELIABLE. Playback has been 100% fine.

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    Re: Building dedicated GIGA rig...

    Cool! Thanks for the reply!
    I have a couple more questions (cuz I want to spend as little money as possible! [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] How much RAM are you running and which OS do you have installed, I was thinking I should probably have 512 and WIN2K? That\'s what I have on my current setup...
    Also, since I will be using a 2nd machine for sequencing/mixing/editing I will need two audio & midi interfaces, yes? Do I basically hook the GIGA machine up like I would an external synth?
    Thanks for the help.

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    Re: Building dedicated GIGA rig...

    I know this question has probably been done to death, but I was just curious which OS I should installed on my dedicated rig, Win98 or 2k?

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    Re: Building dedicated GIGA rig...

    I agree with Robert. I\'ll actually beat him - I\'m running Giga on a dedicated Celeron 366 (stop laughing) with 256mb and Win98. Any it works like a champ. Using Gina 24 and Motu 4x4 USB (another supposed no-no). I get full 160 voices no problem. Only thing that will sometimes choke it is Gigapiano with heavy pedal down - but that\'ll do in almost any PC. I keep thinking I\'m going to upgrade to a faster PC, but I always put it off because this system is working fine for me, never crashes, so why upgrade? Just don\'t let anyone convince you that you need a P4/2ghz, 1gig ram, blah blah to have a great Giga system, I mean it won\'t hurt but I don\'t think the performance/price is worth it. Try your existing system before automatically buying a new one.

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