hi-We already have GOS,GPO,Cubase- some ect. and I am used to notating in Finale. Is it possible-to input in Finale, and record using GOS? We would probably use GPO for the sketch pad-then record it with the GOS sounds. We have CUbase and Giga each on their own machine (Finale is on another). Which machine would I put Finale on-the Giga, or the sequencer? Also-if we would choose to record live, we would like to take one machine-the giga sampler machine. Could Finale run on the same machine as Giga?--just run the samples out to direct record or record thru' a sound system? We would be using mostly small group orchestration-and our machines are dedicated. I know the GPO would be the simple solution-but we love Hollywood strings and some of the GOS are so great. But it would be wonderful to just notate-and record without playing live-.Thanks for all your help. Rilla