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Topic: Compressing samples on a mac

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    Question Compressing samples on a mac

    I'm trying to compress samples on a mac. I can't seem to get it to compress in size or break them into chunks(.zip or .rar). I tried zipping with osx, but didn't work, it just made one file the same size. I checked out winrar, but it doesn't have a GUI and I was just plain lost. I'm not sure stuffit will do the trick as I don't want a .sit file that won't open on a pc.

    Anyone have any suggestions?


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    Re: Compressing samples on a mac

    PC's can open .sit files, using a trial version of StuffIt for Windows.

    I don't know what format it is you're compressing, but if it's files that already have compression themselves (like mp3) there won't be much extra compression when zipping them. If it's wave files .rar format can halve the size, or better when set to "best compression".

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    Re: Compressing samples on a mac

    the samples are 24bit .wav files. I would like to .rar them to half the size as well as break them into chunks. This is a simple task on a pc, but how can it be done on a mac?

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    Re: Compressing samples on a mac

    Rar should be able to do split volumes. No UI? Yuck. If there's at least a cli you can get to, here's a snippit from the Rar docs on how to use it to create a bunch of floppy-sized volumes:

    create archive in volumes of fixed size:
    rar a -s -v1440 floparch.rar *.*
    will create solid volumes of size 1440000 bytes.
    Hope that's of some help.


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