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Topic: Roland Edirol UM-880 Midi Interface/Patcher

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    Roland Edirol UM-880 Midi Interface/Patcher

    Does anyone have the Roland Edirol UM-880 Midi Interface?

    I\'m thinking in buying it. It\'s USB MIDI Interface 8x8, with Midi patcher included and Merge.

    After all there are situations where you want to merge midi, or simply change the midi setup connections of the studio, and this makes all of that...

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    Re: Roland Edirol UM-880 Midi Interface/Patcher

    Looks pretty cool Nuno. I\'ve seen a few prices around $us280.

    The main thing you\'d miss is the improved midi transmission that Midex/Cubase or Unitor/Logic give you. But if you\'re not using Logic or Cubase, it\'s not relevant as the protocol is application based - ie midex doesn\'t do the AMT with Logic, and Unitor doesn\'t do it with Cubase [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]
    Mind you, Roland DO say that they are using some way of speeding up midi over USB, which is a good thing.

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