I was experimenting with wormhole 2 last night and its working very well. In combination with ethernetmidi by sbenno on this forum, its a nice little package. I used it witha copy of tracktion on the remote pc which is nice cause you have the full power of a sequencer on the other end and all that implies - easy, specialized routing of your VSTis and effects etc. The other thing i was thinking is that because it could do rewire, you wouldn't need a gsif card for giga either. I'd imagine this would work nicely with any other low end host as well (lots available often for free with stuff you've already bought like sonar le, cubase le, live le etc). If you didn't need rewire for giga, you're options would be even more plentiful. I'm sure eXT would be nice at that end as well - haven't tried that yet, as i'm not familiar with it.

I also tried it with vsthost as well and that worked fine but a bit more limiting. I don't think it would warrant a full high scale host on the other end, but it is definitely nice to have one there instead of a limited vst loader - especially one you're familiar with.

There were a couple gotchas - i'm not sure if this is host specific, but they had easy workarounds - with wormhole on the main daw it wouldn't run til i had a vsti feeding it audio - apparently without audio WH wouldn't output in tracktion because i think tracktion turns off a track with only effects if it thinks it has nothing to feed the effect. I haven't tried that in sonar yet so not sure if that will work there. To fix that i just put an instance of a disabled small synth in front of it and you'd only need one i'd imagine on any host -basically taking no resources so thats a nice thing.

The other issue was the remote machine was sensitive to the low end audio card (onboard realtek) so that took some tweaking to get the latency down. That actually seemed to be less of an issue in vsthost than in tracktion, so i'm sure that varies on a per host basis.

Anyways, just an FYI for anyone wanting to experiment with networking - i have several pcs around here that i'd like to use for more than their current role and this is a great use of them. I'll still be experimenting a bit with it so i'll keep this thread updated if I find anything wonky.