probably it was already discussed in the past.. but what about a free GPO and JABB (and GPOA) version (for demo purpose) with which you can play just 2 or 3 instruments, just to let the people see and hear what it can be done with this library?
other libraries developers provide this (like IK multimedia with freeware sampletank and soniksynth versions, the library from eastwest with intakt and kontakt demo from symphonic orchestra, stormdrums, persussive adventures, etc...)...
it could be a 10-20 MB free download (one for JABB, one for GPO), with just 2 or 3 different instruments and perhaps a complete "ensemble version" for an instrument, just to let the people see what they can do with the ensemble maker.... and which, of course, can load only those instruments
my 0.02$ :-)