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Topic: A working setup!

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    A working setup!

    Just finished setting up a new giga comp:

    Kt3 ultra mobo VIA chipset
    Athlon 1800xp
    IBM 7200rpm

    Works like a charm. Reaches 160 voices at 28% cpu load and no pops and clicks.

    Just thought I\'d share this setup for anyone in doubt of what to buy for a working giga setup.
    I know I\'ve been in doubt.

    I just took a chance and gambled on this setup.
    Works great.


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    Re: A working setup!


    I\'m geting the new giga PC hopefully next week...what soundcard are you using in that machine and how much RAM?



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    Re: A working setup!

    Is this the mobo you used?

    K7VTA3/3.1; SKT A; VIA KT333 chipset

    If not, could you give some more info on the mobo.

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    Re: A working setup!

    That\'s the mobo, yes. It\'s the new KT board with support for 333mhz ddram. Very nice board.

    Lex: I\'m currently using 256mb ram, coz I\'ve been told that the ram prices are on their way down. Holding my breath for the plunge. I\'m buying a delta card for giga soon. Just testing with an old gina card right now.


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    Re: A working setup!

    So your advice is not to spend 3000NOK on 1Gb of RAM next week...?



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