when i was a sound blaster live user i used to work with gigastudio that way:
gigastudio and inside gigastudio i push the sequencer button to call cakewalk.
i had the option to record midi and audio so i used to change my midi tracks in to audio tracks internally.no cables,mixers anything.
now i have an aardvark q10 model and i don\'t have how to record audio when i\'m using gigastudio(gigastudio and inside gigastudio pushing the sequencer button to call cakewalk)now i need to call cakewalk first and gigastudio later to have the option to record audio and midi in cakewalk.
so my question is :
to change my midi track(using gigastudio)for an audio track i need to connect a cable in my output 1 sending the signal to my imput 1 for example?
maybe that question is the most stupid ever made here but .....
i tried to capture the audio tracks in gigastudio audio capture but how i do that ?i can\'t synch with cakewalk.nothing happens.
please help me cause i need to send the wavs for another studio soon.
sorry for my awful english.