Received mine yesterday. (Fed Ex actually got it right this time!! )

To all who produced this software. . . . THANK YOU!!

I appreciate the extensive midi functions/capabilities to help shape the sound to be as "realistic" as possible. As someone mentioned in another post, the software programming and midi functions runs deep with this product. I like being able to "modify" the EQ. . . VERY COOL! I can see that it will be very helpful in creating a more authentic sounding instrument, especially the fretted and frettless bass sounds. LOVE the sax sounds, especially the Tenor sax sounds!! Love the ability to controll the vibrato for the instruments using the aftertouch control (I have M-Audio's Keystation Pro 88 and quickly configured one of the sliders to cc131 for this function. Works GREAT!) . I'm very, very happy with the brass sounds. Again, adjusting the EQ to find the "sweet spot" and using all of the bells and whistles to "adjust and modify" the sounds will make each brass instrument sound that much more realistic.

Without a doubt, this program will be "stretching and advancing" my midi programming and sequencing skills. But being able to have a more intimate control in adjusting and modifying each instrument will make the time and effort well worth the while. (I already configured my happy little Keystation Pro 88 to help with all of the midi tweeking.)

Now all I have to do is find the time. I'm STILL working on a composition that I started this spring!!! However, I have a NEW pop-jazz piece sketched on manuscript paper which will lend itself to JABB. Time. Wish there was more of it. . . .

Anyhow. . . . Thank you! You have one very happy customer.