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Topic: JABB demo section for this forum?

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    JABB demo section for this forum?

    Hello e v e r ybody,

    What do you all think of a separate section dedicated to JABB demos?
    There was some discussion of this on the chat not too long ago.
    Please post a simple "YES" if you are in favor of the JABB demos being separate from the classical oriented Garritan demos.

    I say YES!


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    Re: JABB demo section for this forum?

    If people are willing to mark their demos as "GPO" or "JABB", there's not really much need for it -- and if the forums are separated, what do you do if your work uses some of both? (Or Solo Strad, once that's available?)
    -- Jeff Lee
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    Thumbs up Re: JABB demo section for this forum?


    Can't do just a simple "yes". Not enough characters!

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    Re: JABB demo section for this forum?

    Yes . . .

    The demo section is already pretty crowded as it is anyway. Giving Jazz demos their own forum section would give them their own "space" For demos that fuse the two, I think they could go in either one, or which ever they use more of.
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    Re: JABB demo section for this forum?

    yes, seems like a good idea to me.


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    Re: JABB demo section for this forum?

    Either subject tags should be put into common use (GOS, GPO, JABB, Strad, Harp, Flex) as Godfrey points out, or I would say restructuring in general would be helpful (as I'd prefer) with expanded product sections...

    Garritan Chatter
    - General Discussion (aka "Off Topic", announcements, rampant speculation and rumors)
    - Demos, MIDIs & Song Files (with subject tags)
    - Interviews

    Garritan Personal Orchestra
    - GPO Discussion
    - GPO Academy (orchestration and theory)
    - Tips, Techniques & Tutorials ("how to use GPO effectively")
    - Support & Technical ("how to get GPO working", sequencer and notation integration issues)

    Garritan Jazz and Big Band
    - JABB Discussion
    - Club JABB (like GPO Academy, but for jazz style and arrangement)
    - Tips, Techniques & Tutorials
    - Support & Technical


    As it stands, a large majority of posts (including demos) get posted to the GPO General Discussion forum, to occasionally be filtered and threads moved to appropriate areas later by a moderator. Some people, in fact, don't mind that, or even prefer it that way!

    So, in a sense, this is a NO answer from me, even though I'd like the demo forum moved out from under the GPO hierarchy altogether to emphasise is newly "general" nature (not that GOS demos weren't welcome before!).

    - m
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    Re: JABB demo section for this forum?

    YES! (The forum demands at least 10 characters in a message so I add this to that). YES!!!
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    Re: JABB demo section for this forum?

    Stupid ten character rule...

    Hmmm, this is a tuffie.
    I think there should be a seperation becuase when Gary starts coming out with all these new libs there will be demos pouring in, and it's quite likely that many will be missed in the flow. I think that if they were sorted out there would be a much less chance of demos being overlooked.
    And if you mix the libs make the decision based on style. Even if it's a GPO jazz orchestra with a single JABB solo tenor sax, it would go in JABB because it's Jazz. Did that make sense?

    So anyway, YES.


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    Re: JABB demo section for this forum?

    Maybe Not.

    I'm not sure what a good solution to this might be.

    Striating the forum by either genre or library might be counter-productive -- in that those of us inclined classically might rarely visit the jazz area, and vice versa.

    My leaning would be to retain the single demo area, so that all types of music would gain exposure there... though it appears I am likely in the minority!

    On the other hand, I have to admit -- it might start to get darned confusing and cluttered if a different solution isn't found.


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    Re: JABB demo section for this forum?

    When someone can define what Jazz is, then YES.

    Until then - NO. Music is music.
    Richard N.

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