Well, before I go farther, Win98SE, or XP? Is there a clear preference?

I am using an Athlon 1.4gig w/ 1gig RAM, a ViaA7V266 chipset, and have 3 hard drives:
1- 40gig Maxtor 7200 ATA100,
1- 60gig Western Digital 7200, ATA 100
1- 20gig Maxtor 7200, ATA 66.
I use Cubase VST/24 as a sequencer and occasional audio recording and have Cubase SX on its way (although I\'m not sure I\'ll be using it quite yet.
I also use a Delta 1010, and an old Gina 20 Bit soundcard

How would you tech experts out there suggest I allocate programs, sample libraries, etc to the drives?

Ive read both Tascam Optimization Docs - for Win98 and 2000/XP. It is suggested to put all audio material on a seperate drive. Ok, but does that include GS itself, the sample libraries only, or audio that\'s captured? Would that also include audio recorded by Cubase on the same drive? I can\'t afford a dedicated computer for Giga at this time and must use the same machine for both GigaS and Cubase. I wont be using the internet on it, however.

I would sure appreciate advise from those of you who really do know this stuff. I followed suggestions in the past from others who passed along, apparently, second hand information, and so have a bit of apprehension asking and taking advice from strangers at this point. So please. Dont give directions unless you know.

Thanks alot for your time