This Generic MIDI Device was created in the latest version of Cubase SX 3 ( No guarantee is given that it will work in your version or configuration. This is provided as-is. Nothing is implied as to the suitability of this software for your use, that it presents no risk to your system, or that it works at all. Use at your own risk.

With that said: I've created a MIDI Device Mapping for the common controls in JABB. What's interesting about this is that the device creates automation lanes that can be edited, which I find to be quite handy over looking at scads of MIDI control data. That said, there are a few wrinkles:

Wrinkle 1) This device can only be assigned as a MIDI track output.
Wrinkle 2) The output of the device can only be a MIDI output.
Wrinkle 3) Data from this control is written to automation lanes, not MIDI data on the MIDI channel from which it is selected.

This is not as confusing as it might sound at first read. The point is that you have to use this in one of several ways:

1) Control a JABB instance on another computer/module, with the actual MIDI output of your host going through a physical MIDI output to control JABB seperately,
2) If you have a multi-port MIDI interface, you can create a physical loopback from the MIDI device output to a MIDI input that your sequencer then records to a MIDI track that's controlling JABB as a VSTi, or
3) Use a software-based MIDI loopback app that routes the MIDI output back onto a MIDI track that's controller JABB as a VSTi - as in #2 above.

OK - it's not the optimal situation - I'd prefer to have a VST-MIDI plugin that does this as an insert or send on the MIDI track, but this is a pretty cool solution for those that don't have a lot of physical MIDI controllers at their disposal.

Advantage #1) The Device can be set up under the User Panel of the MIDI output channel *OR* can be a floating MIDI device window so that you can run it with another MIDI channel selected.
Advantage #2) On playback, the automation not only is routed to MIDI data at the output, but it *also* updates the device panel, so you get real time feedback of values, knob positions, switch states, etc.
Advantage #3) Editing automation lanes can help you build the data for ensemble-building more quickly, if you use the software-based loopback. You can quickly add little changes to the automation data and then record the output to a new MIDI track - the next instrument in your section.

So, here's a pic of what it looks like on screen:

And here's a link to the ZIPPED XML file. All you have to do is download it, unzip, and then go into Cubase or Nuendo and select "Devices>>MIDI Device Manager" and in the new window the pops up select the "Import Setup" button - navigate to the location of the JABB.xml file and there ya have it. From there, you should select the MIDI output of the "Garritan JABB" device.

Now you can create a MIDI track, go to the track properties window (by selecting that "e" icon next to "MIDI 01" in the pic above) and in the MIDI Channel Settings window select "Garritan JABB (MIDI output port)" and then click on the little select box below that to open the device window (see picture above). Select automation read and write by activating the "R" and "W" button, and now all of the controls will record any movement whether in playback or record mode.

If you expand the size of the device window, you will see an "e" edit button in the top bar - feel free to use that to edit this device, either the actual controls in use or the layout. This should be considered only a starting point. If you want to know how I learned to do this, check out the Auxbuss "Cubase SX Unleashed" tutorials.

That's about it for now - have fun and don't forget that it's all about the music. Garritan Jazz and Big Band is an amazing musical tool set, and to get the most of it you really need to explore the numerous MIDI control options that are available. It can be the difference between "nice mockup" and "who played this for you?"


[Edit: Here's a link to a PDF that has a simple table with the MIDI Controller desinations listed.]