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Topic: Todays' Joke.

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    Talking Todays' Joke.

    Q. If big chested girls get jobs at Hooters, where can girls with one leg get a job?

    A. iHop!

    That me friends was told to me by a friend of ours who works at Hooters.

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    Talking Re: Todays' Joke.

    It's great to start the day with a good laugh.


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    Re: Todays' Joke.


    In honor of JABB, here's one I came across while searching for info on jazz drumming:

    Guy walks into a jazz club one night. He asks the doorman, "How late does the band play?" The doorman replies, "About half a beat behind the drummer."
    -- Jeff Lee
    Etiam singula minima maximi momenti est - Even the smallest detail is of the utmost importance

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    Re: Todays' Joke.

    From a birthday card:

    "Birthdays are like boogers . . .

    . . . the more you have, the harder it is to breathe."

    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    Re: Todays' Joke.

    We took my mother to Hooter's. She said it was just like when I was a baby. I use to drool a lot.

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    Re: Todays' Joke.

    Sometimes truth is stranger (if not funnier) than fiction...


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