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Topic: Kontakt Vs Gigastudio

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    Kontakt Vs Gigastudio

    I recently purchased a new PC and dedicated it to my music software. The PC has an Intel 2.4 GIG P4, two wide SCSI drives, and one GIG of RAM. The operating system is Win XP Professional. I installed Gigastudio 160 with Garritan Orchestral Strings and Advanced Orchestra, and I use Finale as my notation/sequencer. All of this is working just fine, no problems to speak of. The system is very fast and sounds great. Beginnners luck, I guess (I had problems on the old system). But, nevertheless, I am wondering if I should also purchase Kontakt. I downloaded the demo, but I have not gotten very far with it, so I wonder if someone could explain what Kontakt would do for me that I can\'t do with Gigastudio? I only have limited $ left to play with, and I am also inclned to purchase Sonar to go with Gigstudio and Finale. I only have a few more days to take advantage of the crossgrade and I\'m uncertain which way to procede. Any advice greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Kontakt Vs Gigastudio

    Hi, I have a very similiar setup to you;

    Win XP
    1 GIG ram
    Sam Horns
    Garritan and Giga bundle on the way in the mail!

    I also have Kontakt and Rare Instruments. One huge advantage with Kontakt (especially now it has disk streaming) is that it runs as a VST. So you have the best of both worlds in your sequencer - the ability to alter the midi notes plus instantly apply eq/fx to an audio channel in your senquencer. I have converted some of the Rare Instruments to Kontakt and they sound great. It is a little bit of tweaking at the moment with the keyswitching but Native Instruments promise better support for the giga format in the future.

    Also, Kontakt ships with 6 cd\'s of samples. Some of them might not be that great compared to some of the top libraries available but I find most of them extremely usable. I quite like the clean guitar, nylon guitar, steel pick guitar, djembe and various percussion. The amount of samples that comes with Kontakt might justify the asking price on its own.

    ALso, people in this forum are reporting excellent results with polypony/streaming via Kontakt.
    Native Instruments, IMHO have an excellent reputation with their products. Kontakt I think will be a real contender against Gigastudio.

    Of course these are only my views. Feel to accept/reject as you see fit!

    Regards, Scott.

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    Re: Kontakt Vs Gigastudio

    Huh??? Kontakt has nothing but problems with DFD. There are serious problems with disc streaming in DFD 1.2. Have you read any of the latest posts in the past couple weeks?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I would agree with that in as much that people having been getting differing results. I for one have had no problems at all with DFD.

    I might be one of the lucky ones.

    Regards, Scott.

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    Re: Kontakt Vs Gigastudio

    Kontakt has been performing well for me on both Macintosh and PC.


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    Re: Kontakt Vs Gigastudio

    Originally posted by Earthling:
    Huh??? Kontakt has nothing but problems with DFD. There are serious problems with disc streaming in DFD 1.2. Have you read any of the latest posts in the past couple weeks?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">You posted here last week that the MachFive was a much more powerful sampler than Kontakt - but from what I can tell, it doesn\'t even stream!! How then can you play huge instruments with MachFive on an average system - as both Giga and Kontakt can?

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    Re: Kontakt Vs Gigastudio

    Originally posted by Sharmy:
    While Mach5 isn\'t even out yet, MOTU said at NAMM that Mach 5 will stream. Whether it will on it\'s debut run IMO is very questionable.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Well if it \'streams\' when it\'s finally released, that\'s a different story - but I attended the NAMM demo, and that version definitely didn\'t stream.

    So the next question is - Earthling - how do you know so much about this product that isn\'t available yet? Are you a beta tester or MOTU employee?? The problem with pseudonyms is we don\'t know who you are, and you are clearly new to this forum.

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    Re: Kontakt Vs Gigastudio

    One of the advantages of Kontakt is that the new libraries will be 24 bit versus Giga\'s 16 bit. Also, Kontakt has many other editing features and includes things like mono mode. It will probably be cheaper to do the crossgrade to Kontakt than upgrading to Giga 3.0. My crossgrade cost me around $171 with shipping. You need to shop around for the best price. This crossgrade is only good to the end of this month.

    Who knows when Giga 3.0 will ship. Earliest rumor I heard was this Fall. I built a new machine for Kontakt and have Giga on my older P3-733 machine which works just fine.

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