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Topic: Jabb Drums

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    Thumbs up Jabb Drums

    After 24 hours with JABB, I just had to write and say the drum sounds in this Library are ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC.This is the best collection of drum samples for Jazz, I have ever heard, The cymbals alone are worth the Price of the Library. I always worry about sample fatigue when it comes to the omni present ride cymbal, believe me this is not going to be an issue with this library.The Upright Bass( No2) is astoundingly good. I haven't gone into much detail yet on the other instruments yet, but it is all sounding superb.
    Gary and Tom, I had very high expectations of this Library.You have totally surpassed them.
    Man, those drums.!!! With the headphones on, it is like being in the room at a Blue-Note recording session.
    Thanks a million .Right now I am in Jazz heaven.

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    Re: Jabb Drums

    Earth to joaz, Earth to joaz ...

    For us poor souls stuck on the grund - DEMOS please ...

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    Re: Jabb Drums

    Quote Originally Posted by YBaCuO
    Earth to joaz, Earth to joaz ...

    For us poor souls stuck on the grund - DEMOS please ...

    What he said.

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    Re: Jabb Drums

    Joaz ....to ....earth( burst of static) Joa *&^%$£&* to eart *&%$$ (gives transmitter a therapeutic thump) Joaz to Earth. Ahh thats better.
    Will be uploading piece this weekend. It is my 4th of July thingy redone for JABB. Mostly brass and rhythm section. Excuse the spontaneous bursts of enthusiasm,....oxygen running...low.... gotta go...........

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