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Topic: New cue with Giovani

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    New cue with Giovani

    Hey everyone! This is a short 2 minute cue. I was going for the feel of honoring a fallen hero. I wanted to implement a feeling of sadness, but also with a slight triumphant feel to it.

    All comments are appreciated!
    (Mods, please let me know if you don't want reference pictures posted with a demos)

    Requiem for a Hero
    "The biggest risk of all , is never taking a risk"

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    Re: New cue with Giovani

    I like this a lot! I like Giovani a lot too! I also like the reference pictures too. The famous Neil Factory uses these frequently; with good effect.

    How was the children's Lord's prayer achieved?

    Good job.


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    Re: New cue with Giovani

    Thank you for the comment Frank! I'm glad you liked it! I agree that the pictures add a little something extra to set the atmosphere. The boys Lords Prayer is also part of the Giovani library. That is one of my favorite things about it, is all the "extras" like the prayers, scary rhymes, whispers, laughter and such. The prayer is sampled in short phrases for easy arranging, like so - Our Father - who art in heaven - hallowed be thy name - and so on.

    Thanks again!
    "The biggest risk of all , is never taking a risk"

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