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Topic: Arturia Brass

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    Thumbs up Arturia Brass

    Well, I've just read some older posts on this forum and though most of you did not really expect a lot of this one, I kinda like the sound of the demo's now that it's officially released. Well... it sounds better than it did anyway...
    Seems like they have done a lot of work since the last time we heard from them...

    Check the demos at the Arturia site!
    Any opinions?

    I'll go and check out the demo version, see how it plays!

    Edit: Well, on second and third listen, it's not so good anyway, they've just managed to cover it up a little...

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    Re: Arturia Brass

    You have to buy a dongle to try their demo, last time I checked. Woo.

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    Re: Arturia Brass

    There are things to like about it.

    There are things to hate about it.

    In my opinion it's "not quite there yet", but it shows promise. I always want to encourage this sort of new technology (as samples alone can't take us much further), but it shouldn't be rushed. I don't think it's ready for market, at any rate. Maybe in another year or two? Who knows. I'll still be following it's progess, at any rate.

    The sax is definitely struggling, though: many hours ahead of modelling to go on that one!

    - m
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