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Topic: Does EWQL Silver have keyswitchable instruments?

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    Does EWQL Silver have keyswitchable instruments?

    hello everyone,

    i've searched for the answer to this for 2 days and could not find it - the site of EWQL has a confusing layout at least to me - so I'll really appreciate if anyone helps me out - does the EWQL Silver edition keyswitchable layers?!

    by the way this forum is really great - tons of helpful information - i feel great i've discovered this place



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    Re: Does EWQL Silver have keyswitchable instruments?

    Yes it does. Anything else?

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    Re: Does EWQL Silver have keyswitchable instruments?

    Quote Originally Posted by Joseph Burrell
    Yes it does. Anything else?
    Thanks Joseph! I am really new to the concept of keyswitchable articulations layers since so far I 've worked with Edirol Orchestral where you need to automate a certain controller to achieve change in the articalation of the instrument...more often I would use 2 tracks just because it simpler and faster.

    Recently I saw the promotional videos for VSL and suddenly it hit me how far behind we are lagging here in terms of virtual orchestration. I've listened to some demos of GOP, VSL, and EWQL, also read most of the GOP vs. EWQL stuff here and it really opened my eyes. Since the studio I work for will not rush into buying the more expensive libraries (VSL, EWQL Platinum,) I thought we'd aim to GOP and/or Silver, though from what I read here GOP looks like a powerful tool despite its lower price. I wish those VSTs had demo versions.

    Are those keyswitchable layers loaded as several instruments (that's several sampled articulations of the same instrument) that you'd select during play through midi, or is it like a separate patch that is loaded to control the VSTi and send program change midi messages? You can say I barely have an idea what is it all about

    Thanks again,


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    Re: Does EWQL Silver have keyswitchable instruments?

    The short answer: The keyswitch patches load several articulations at once which are accessed by playing keys outside the instrument's range (usually highlighted in gold or brown on the Kontakt player's keyboard). This makes it easier to get multiple articulations in a single pass on one track. Hope this helps.

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