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Topic: Portfolio Project

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    Portfolio Project

    First, about my self. My name's Pierre Fraser and i live in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I'm 17(18 in feb) years old and have been studying music since i was 7. I started with Classical Cello than started playing Rock and then i got into guitar and piano and PC recording/Producing.

    I plan on going to an Audioschool after graduation and getting a degree and i'm trying to build up a portfolio before i apply so tell me what you think and be %100 honest and tell me if you think if its good enough as portfolio work.


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    Re: Portfolio Project

    Quote Originally Posted by Pfraser
    I'm not good in music, I'm far from any good yet... but if You want me to be 100% honest then based on my experience in building a portfolio then I have to say: "I think that You should improve it more"

    and in addition.... I think that strings that come in in 0:40 are sligtly out of tune...

    Good luck

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    Re: Portfolio Project

    Thank you.

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    Re: Portfolio Project

    Hey Pierre,

    It's great that you have a solid direction at your age. You're already getting a lot of experience with composition and the technology involved in producing music on the computer and a more advanced education will leave you in a great position at a very young age. So, congratz on having some foresight into what's going to make you happy in life.

    I wouldn't include this piece in a portfolio. It doesn't convey the sort of things you want to convey when you're trying to show off your skills. If you wanted to keep working at it so that it was portfolio worthy I'd suggest putting a lot more orchestration to it. The progression is very repetitious, which is fine, but when you're repeating a musical idea like that, you want to build off the simple idea and have it evolve into different places. You want it to move in an emotionally and intellectually appealing way. This is usually done by utilizing a whole host of compositional techniques, like creating cadences, focusing more on 4 voice chord structures and counterpoint, and that's really just the beginning.

    If you're serious about going to music school, you'll get plenty of exposure to theory and composition. But by all means, don't stop doing what you love. Music is only satisfying if there's something you wish to express, and that expression comes from the heart and is only sculpted by compositional skill, so never stop writing what you feel.

    Good luck Pierre.
    Michael Peter

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    play on

    William Shakespeare


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    Re: Portfolio Project

    Hey thx, great reply. That tells me alot about where I stand and where my skills stand and how hard I have to work.

    Thx again.

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