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Topic: Peter Siedlaczek's Complete Classical Collection anyone?

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    Peter Siedlaczek's Complete Classical Collection anyone?

    I just noticed this new library, anyone here would like to comment about it? I've heard several demos and I think it's quite good.

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    Re: Peter Siedlaczek's Complete Classical Collection anyone?

    I've just listened to the demos and the smart violins sound really fantastic!!! No other library can do something like this. Amazing!

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    Re: Peter Siedlaczek's Complete Classical Collection anyone?

    Any comments from new Classical colletion users?

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    Re: Peter Siedlaczek's Complete Classical Collection anyone?

    I'm really surprised that after several days of the announcement of Siedlaczek's new libraries I can't find any user comment..

    I really like the demo (I have listened all of the demos), but it makes me wonders, how simple to use these libraries??
    Smartviolin is great, but at only 3 tempos, I really wonder will it make us hard in creating music (for example if we use tempo other than 100, 110, 120 or when we want rit/accel passages).
    There is lack of information too about the string/woods/brass articulations available with the library, and I can't find any info too about the difference between the strings on Complete Classical Collection and String Essentials..

    Waited for more informations and comments from users that have tried these libraries....

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    Re: Peter Siedlaczek's Complete Classical Collection anyone?

    I too have been listening to the demos with great interest. After much searching I haven't been able to find any indication of articulations. I like what I hear but am not sure how they work relative to other orchestral libraries that I already have.

    I did read that everything in the Complete Classical collection is taken from older libraries that have been out a while. That doesn't bother me as I have Miroslav Philharmonik and it still sounds great. The String Essentials is all new samples and is a completely separate product. It does not, however, seem to include solo strings, so you would have to find another source for your solo instruments. Hope to hear more from people who have used the libraries in the Complete Collection and get some feedback on how easy they are to work with and how well they mix with others. Thanks.

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    Re: Peter Siedlaczek's Complete Classical Collection anyone?

    Hello there,

    Take a look at recent discussion:


    Complete Classical Collection is re-packaged old library. String Essentials is a new library.



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    Re: Peter Siedlaczek's Complete Classical Collection anyone?

    I'm thinking about maybe buying the Complete Classical Collection over a counter next week because if the demos are true to the actual library I think it sounds pretty good. But demos are about all I can find. There is not enough info. So I have a few questions for users of this library:

    1. Does it have chromatic sampling or stretched sampling?
    2. How many velocity layers are there?
    3. Are there expressions? With dynamic velocity cross-fading or just programmed filters and volume?
    4. Are there enough runs and effects like swells and stuff? Satisfying?
    5. Is the legato satisfying?
    6. Is there a dedicated Kontakt-player included in the package? Can it be used for other samples as well or is it restricted to Peter's library? Can it be upgraded to Kontakt 2 for a lower price?
    7. How's the brass compared to SAM Horns and the brass in EWQLSO Gold?
    8. How's the percussion compared to the percussion in EWQLSO Gold?
    9. How does the entire library compare to EWQLSO Gold?
    10. Is Peter Siedlaczek's library recorded in a big hall with reverb or without? If so, how many mic positions are recorded? If not, is the software reverb satisfying?
    11. Does it require a lot of tweaking?
    12. Is it able to layer samples on top of each other like the Kompakt?
    13. What are the pros and cons?

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    Re: Peter Siedlaczek's Complete Classical Collection anyone?

    i have em. what you get for the price is sensational. and the quality of the samples is still very attractive. peter siedlaczek's samples have a unique close-mic sound with "grip" that is somehow missing in the up-to-date libraries.

    disadvantage: the patches are halfhearted and probably in the rush written. everything is combined in big ks patches. no modwheel piano-forte-crossfades for the strings almost no single sound-patches lots of fullstring patches...well...WHO needs that?

    every sound patch has a kontakt reverb which works quite good to play it out of the box.
    lots of sounds have velo controlled attacks, that's very positive.

    you have to build yourself, if you like that, this collection is cool
    if you don't own k2 you're a bit lost.

    nevertheless the samplematerial is ideal to cook your own soup with scripts and so on...

    updates of the patches and a usable documentation are announced...but when ...you know that waiting game..

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    Exclamation Re: Peter Siedlaczek's Complete Classical Collection anyone?

    What GigaLove say is true.

    I had the pleasure of using in a Studio the samples long time ago, when they were the top of the top.

    I am actracted now by the low price and the modern sampler adaptation, but I suppose that a personal programming work is always necessary to find out the best for your own need.

    Anyway the demos are done with a large use of performance samples (runs, embellishments), the only way of reaching that realistic sound: it IS real, and you make only a patchwork of little loops including several notes.
    It is certainly useful.
    But don't expect the same realism playing your own sequences based in single notes playback: the perfect bowing and legato of demos will not be the same of your sequence, sorry.

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    Re: Peter Siedlaczek's Complete Classical Collection anyone?

    So, to sum it up.

    *It sounds good but the patches could be better and there is no velocity crossfading? How about velocity layers? How many velocities have been sampled?

    *It has almost no solo instruments.

    *The reverb is not so bad.

    *The realism of the sound is based on loops. That just doesn't appeal to me. I left that a long time ago because I want to be able to write my own music down to the very note. I'm also afraid that if I would start using the Orchestral Colours library I would never learn how to make those hits, finales, passages, layers and atmospheres myself. And that's exactly why I am upgrading from Reason 3.0, to learn more.

    No offence to users of this library but to me it's starting to sound like some kind of "Orchesta Ejay" where you put loops together that someone else has already recorded for you.
    I think I might be saving up for EWQLSO Gold instead. It seems to offer more control and less tweaking and programming is needed.

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