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Topic: Put sound files on 2nd HD, but uhm ...

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    Put audio files on non-system HD, but uhm ...

    It is commonly said (and I support this as well) to put your soundfiles on a different HD than your system drive. But how about the datafiles for Virtual instruments such as Atmosphere?

    I'm reinstalling windows on my main machine right now and giving it a second thought of where to put those datafiles for my virtual instruments. My common sense (when available) tells me to put the datafiles on the non system HD as well.

    Then again, I run my virtual memory off of my second HD as well. This does give the system a noticable kick up, but it also means that having the swap file, sound files and data files for Virtual instruments all on the non-system drive is gonna put the second HD to some serious work for sure.

    Have you guys given this some thought? how did you solve this and what would be your thoughts and recommendations?

    Thx in advance
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    Re: Put sound files on 2nd HD, but uhm ...

    Swap file on the audio disk sounds like you're asking for bogging-down-style problems.

    Audio libs that are not streaming may as well go on the system drive, they won't be being accessed off the disk while the sequence is playing.

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