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Topic: How do you use GPO ?

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    How do you use GPO ?

    I am still fairly new to PC .....How are you guys and gal's using GPO? ....Are you useing it as a VST instrument ? ....If you do this, I am assuming that you can now have seperate track's in a sequencer program for each instrument that you so choose ? .....
    How many record directly to the audio portion of a seqencing program ? ..
    What other programs would you use to run GPO, and how would you do it ?
    I'm not sure of the easiest , and best way to hook this up where I can record and playback track after track with few problems ...Right now I am running it stand alone to check out the various sounds....I'm getting ready to start tracking and I'm looking for the best and easiest way ....How is the Cubasis program that comes with GPO ? .....Easy to use ? ....Enough features to help me get my feet wet without feeling intimidated ? .... Just looking to get rolling here .....Thanks in advance ....This forum is the best !!.....Jim

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    Re: How do you use GPO ?

    Well, the only direct answer I can give is to use the VST if possible. Easier on cpu, less troublesome than DXi. Uses much less memory than Studio.

    All I can say about Cubasis that ships with GPO is that it is not at all to my liking. Overture is better, and Joseph Burrell can tell you all you want, and probably more, about Overture. I use Sonar, and it does all that I want it to. But for notation, Sonar is not so good. For notation, it is Sibelius for me. You will find lots of strong opinions on which is the best way to go for a sequencer. I like Sonar because it is the only one I have found that does what I need, and although I admit there might be another, there is no good reason for me to change. Much depends on your preference and requirements. A good move would be to try demo versions before deciding. Problem here is that the very feature that I need to test is not available in the demo -- every time!


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    Re: How do you use GPO ?

    Thanks for the reply ....VST it is .....I guess , like you say, sequencer programs are very subjective.....You are not alone using Sonar ...I'm sure that I will build up to Sonar, but it's very intimidating at this time ...I'm very use to using a Mac, and have run Digital Performer for years, so I am more use to useing it ..I have things set up to use my Mac for the sequencer program, and vocals, and use my PC as a midi module for samples and for virtual instruments.... I am basically trying to locate a program that will run GPO effectively, AND efficiently , and maybe even have an audio section in it ...
    Simplicity is a must ....I'm tired of wading thru ton's of menu's and pages of these "full featured" programs.....The reason(s) I went with GPO was the fact that it is a basic program with plenty of features...It has enough to make some GREAT music ...Everything sounds great in GPO, and has some important controllers already implimented , so you don't need to load an additional controller program to make use of the various C.C.'s ...I guess I'm looking for simplistic, with usefull features.....I'm looking for the GPO of sequencers !!...
    This search is also to be able to integrate a sequencer program with vocals, to GPO with a minimum of fuss, on the same PC computer ....When I travel, it would be nice to be able to work on material while on the road ...
    Thanks again......Sincerely, Jim

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    Re: How do you use GPO ?

    Just curious why you would not continue to use MAC and DP as your sequencer. I realize the QuickScribe notation is not beefy so you would want to hook up with another notation program. I switched from Cubase SX to DP because of the ease of using DP. Cubase SX is an awesome program, but I could not get adept at it very quickly and decided to switch when we switched from PC to MAC. I used VSTs with Cubase and never had any issues.

    I agree also that you should use the demo versions of each of the sequencers before making a decision. If you search the Garritan threads you will see support for all of the softwares, so you can see that it is a very personal decision. There are also experts in the forum that can talk you through any of the softwares.

    Welcome to the forum and good luck in your search.


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    Re: How do you use GPO ?

    Thanks for your reply .....I use DP in my home computer , and have PC's as slaves ( sound modules ) with sample data ....I don't use the Mac for Virtual instruments , nor do I use if for samples ....I thiink that the PC is much more efficient when running these items ....Like you said, the Mac is much easier to use when sequencing ( at least for me because I'm use to D.P. ) ....I would like to have everything in one computer when traveling .....So I'm looking for a program that is not that complicated that will work well with GPO, and that I can use in my PC for traveling purposes .... D.P. is fine at home , but I remember plenty of PC users having problems with MOTU .... I'm thinking about maybe trying Traktion again ....It worked very well WITHOUT Gigastudio when I had it hooked up a while ago.....I'm HOPEING that GPO will play nice with my Gina3G card along with Traktion ....If this setup work's , I will be in good shape....I really liked the short time I worked with Traktion ....It was a very easy , but effective program ....Thanks, Jim

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