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Topic: DDR-Rambus?

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    Keeping In the search for a cheap but nice system:

    This time is RAM:

    Would you think is it worth for GS to use Rambus?
    I\'ve got a P4 1.7 and searching for mothers you have the option of the ones that support DDR (asus P4b-266/845 chip set) and the ones that use rambus (850 chip set). Since I\'ll only run GS, does it makes any sense to pay more for rambus? Any advantage?
    Rambus prices have fallen but when you need 1 GB, it matters.



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    Re: DDR-Rambus?

    Here\'s a reposting of a previous reply about RAM:

    If you are building a dedicated GS box, DDR RAM or RDRAM is overkill. In fact, anything over a Pentium III 800MHz with SDRAM is overkill. What is far more important is your hard drive speed. An 800MHz PIII with SDRAM and a 15K RPM, 4ms SCSI drive will stomp all over an Athlon 2200XP or Pentium IV 2.4G using DDR or RDRAM with an IDE 7200, 8.5ms drive. The faster CPU and RAM speeds will get you more NFX effects, but not more voices.

    Since a modern IDE 7200 RPM drive can easily reach Gigastudio\'s 160 voice maximum, a 1GHz (Intel or AMD) CPU with SDRAM and any major brand of 7200 RPM IDE drive (especially the IBM 120GXP series or Western Digital WDxxxxJB series) will handle everything GS can throw at it with room to spare. So spend your money on a good hard drive and buy cheap RAM.

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    Re: DDR-Rambus?

    It\' important to stop living in the future before it arrives! Stop worrying about what you\'ll be doing on what you\'ll need 6-9 months from now, it\'s really useless!

    You really never know what new things will be available in the near future so I would reccomend getting a computer for the present and worry about the future when it arrives. PC\'s are cheap anyway! If you\'re sitting and waiting for GS 3 and other stuff you\'re really doing yourself and your music a great disservice.

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    Re: DDR-Rambus?

    Hmmm... now this is interesting, two very different opinions. I agree with Lee, because I want to keep my computer possibilities open down the road for new hardware... I want quality over quantity, basically.

    But midphase says that it\'s not good to think about that, and he\'s right - after all, what\'s more expensive now will be cheaper later.

    And now I\'m torn! I just yesterday built a new system, it\'s got an Asus A7V266-E - which is an EXCELLENT board for gigastudio and I personally feel it\'ll last me a long time. It has built in video, built in sound (not really a factor when using Gigastudio though), built in 10/100 LAN, DDR 2100 RAM (up to 2GB, I believe!). It\'s an awesome board. I paid $150 for it, which I feel is expensive for the sort of board it is, if it weren\'t for all the periphrials.

    However, will it run Gigastudio 3.0? Or what happens when the next good sampling technology, or VotA version 3 comes out and comes with so many more features, like picking your choir size or whatever? (Hypothetical, but we all can dream...) 512MB of my pitiful little DDR2100 RAM wouldn\'t cut it, and I\'d be left to upgrade once again.

    So the solution to me seems not to get the very very best, but just get what\'s \"good\" right now, like the board I bought. True, I may be screwed when Gigastudio 3 comes out, but I\'ve got what\'s good now, and it\'s a well rounded computer.

    So maybe don\'t get some top-notch RAM, but just some nice RAM by Samsung or something, which is what I decided to do, or go with something a little better like Kingston... you won\'t be disappointed with the performance now, and if you\'re going to have to upgrade later.

    Sorry for the incredibly verbose answer... I\'m longwinded. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: DDR-Rambus?

    Mdiphase said,
    It\' important to stop living in the future before it arrives! Stop worrying about what you\'ll be doing on what you\'ll need 6-9 months from now, it\'s really useless!
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I suppose if you\'re willing (and rich enogh) to buy a new compuer every year, AND have the time to reload, reconfigure and debug a new box every time, then this could work. But I feel it\'s better to have horsepower you don\'t need, then to need horsepower you don\'t have.

    When I bought my 333 PII, it was one step down from state-of-the-art, the top processors were 400-450 MHz. And it carried me through several years of software revisions and increasing demands on the CPU, until it started looking a little long in the tooth (Giga, for example!)

    So my new machine is a P4 1.8 GHz with DDR. Way more than I need to run Gig 2.5, but who knows what will be needed for Gig 4.0??

    The difference between just enough and not enough is one software revision.


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    Re: DDR-Rambus?

    Correct me if I\'m wrong:

    You can ran GS in a small system with good results. I currently run a P III-550-512MB-W98SE with a maxtor 40GN 7200 and currently a NON gsif card (SBL) after my Wamirack broke (well, it never worked anyway) and I get 110 voices solid before pops, even 158, depending on the sounds. But not all the time. Sometimes it pops at 70. Is not consistent.

    But to get perfect consistent performance aways-meaning never a click or pop, like my hardware samplers-is something elusive,at least for many of us So now I\'m trying to play safe with a powerfull system. (waiting for my Luna II).

    Also I belive I\'ve read something about why more speed is necessary: for runing XP with low latency a fast processor and memory is needed.

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    Re: DDR-Rambus?

    I agree with Dasher, if you buy a system that is just adequate for the current version of GS you will be sorry in the future. Buy something that leaves room for growth, I guarantee you that you will need it; you don’t want to be spending money on a new computer each year.
    But also keep your eye on your money, meaning that I do not recommend you buy the fastest P4 on the block. Buy one that is almost as fast (2.4Ghz), yet is sold at half the price of the fastest processor.
    I personally would buy Rambus RAM, because it is not very expensive anymore, and DDR memory prices will most likely go up in the nearby future anyway. Buy your RAM in chunks of 512 MB, so that you will have enough memory slots to expand the RAM when you feel it is necessary, buy 2 harddisks, one for the OS (this does not need to be a big one), and one for the GS library (choose the biggest and the fastest you can find, like the IBM 120Gb ATA drive).
    Buy a soundcard that fits in with your system and future wishes for your system.
    So, be smart and DEFINITELY keep your eyes open for the future, you want to be prepared for what is coming your way.A little more money spent NOW can avoid a lot more money you have to spend in the future.
    And after you have bought the system, don\'t forget to tweak it, there are lots of tips on how to do this to be found on this forum.
    So, good luck!

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