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Topic: Philosophy of two hard drives

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    Philosophy of two hard drives

    I\'ve bought a new hard drive and I was wondering:

    Should I put only gigs in one drive? OR should I also install gigastudio in there? What is the solution for best performance? I\'m using big gigs and high quality recordings so it is really consuming to my PC.

    Tabulius Migulius.

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    Re: Philosophy of two hard drives

    Only samples on the second drive. That\'s how Nemesys sees it apparently, and when I tried it (on a slow system, but with 7200 RPM drives) I got clicks at about 60 or my available 64 voices (all the system would allow in GS96 with a 333 processor.) When I installed on the system drive, no problem with 64 voices.

    I haven\'t had enough time with my new box to even guess, but I\'d follow Nemesys\' rules unless it\'s just not possible to do so.

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