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Topic: You would think that I'm just plain stupid...

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    You would think that I\'m just plain stupid...

    Ive been using GS96 on Win98Se for a while and just tried installing GS on XP with no success.
    I get an error message that says:

    \"...unable to install
    E:\\components sconv.dll
    E:\\components aconv.dll
    E:\\components NFX1
    The procedure entry point thunk connect32 could not be located in the dynamic link library kernal 32.dll\"

    Ive actually tried installing it twice now.

    Can anyone help?

    PS. The hard drive I\'m attempting to install to has been partitioned with partition magic as a logical drive. Could that be the problem? Also, is it best to install to NTSF format or FAT32?

    Windows XP
    1.4 giG Athlon
    1 gig RAM
    Delta 1010
    ASUS MB w/ A7V266 chipset

    Thanks for your help,

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    Re: You would think that I\'m just plain stupid...

    Do you have version 2.5 or are you trying to install with your Win98 version? If it\'s anything below 2.5, it won\'t install on Windows XP. You\'ll have to contact Tascam for an upgrade to 2.5, or get it off the webpage.


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