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Topic: Transposing Key Switch

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    Transposing Key Switch

    Does anyone know how to transpose the Keyswitch. My Keyboard doesn't have C1 and would like to be able to use it. Also does anyone know when using MIDI and Keyswitches, is there a way to program them into a DAW so they will switch automatically or is using the articulations command in Imidi or Vienna's performance tool the only way to go?


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    Re: Transposing Key Switch

    You can change the keyswitch assignments for one program at a time in the gigastudio editor. The Imidi rules also might work for always transposing a certain range of midi notes to another range ... never done it, but it seems feasible.

    You don't use a sequencer, right? Because the sequencer could plug in any transposition or key assigment you like.

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