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Topic: Kyrie fragment

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    Post Kyrie fragment

    Here is a little fragment from my Kyrie Eleison.
    This is the Kyrie "Incipium".
    This version has been realized with GPO as orchestra and EWQLSC as choir!!

    Tell me what do you think about the composition and the realizations.

    Kyrie Eleison


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    Re: Kyrie fragment

    Nice full sound. There were moments, especially near the beginning, where I could almost hear the seperate sections. I hear a lot of choral work (do sound for a local chorus) and it takes a lot of convincing for me to hear anything but electronics in a sampled choir. This, as I said, came close in spots.

    Forgive a tiny rant. It seems so strange that we no longer accept a synth "string" patch, insisting on writing out the divisi and knowing the ranges each section can play: but most sample libraries continue to treat the chorus as a monolith. Where realism comes in for me is hearing the character of each section clearly as they sing their individual lines.

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    Re: Kyrie fragment


    The melancholic typ'o'guy, are we?

    What could be enriching are more crescendi and decrescendi, maybe do some kind of progression over the whole sequence -- it would be even more expressive.

    Great work anyway -- don't forget to poste the whole mass when finished.


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    Re: Kyrie fragment

    sounds very good, looking forward to more.

    there is something a little unsettling about the cadence at the end of your fragment, sounds both too final and not final enough -- maybe the funny off-beat but not moving bass line F to G, then held G under the major triad?

    Probably will sort itself out on continuation.

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    Re: Kyrie fragment

    Just beatiful as usual Roberto! I can't wait to hear more.

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