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Topic: Kontakt 2.02 and Cubase SX 3.1.1

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    Kontakt 2.02 and Cubase SX 3.1.1

    The Standalone version of the Kontakt player seems to tie up my audio assignments so that when I exit it and launch Cubase SX I get no audio recording happening. I am also using the Tascam FW1884 firewire control surface under Windows XP. When I check the VST audio inputs in Cubase they seem to be fine - it is just that I cannot get any audio recording to happen if I have been using the Kontakt stand alone version before.

    Luckily the Kontakt 2.02 VST plugin works fine with Cubase but I sometimes like to use the standalone version to try out instruments etc before going into cubase or anything else to record.

    Anyone got any ideas on this little bug? Be nice to solve it - although not crucial.


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    Re: Kontakt 2.02 and Cubase SX 3.1.1

    Before opening Cubase, open up the task manager and make sure that Kontakt is not still running but "invisible" - look in the "processes" tab for Kontakt. It might be hanging onto the ASIO driver somehow. How long do you wait after shutting down Kontakt before opening Cubase?


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