Hello guys
I 've recently bought Spectrasonic's Trilogy for my bass sounds.Since I'm not a bassplayer I'm looking for some inspiration as far as bass grooves and this way I'm also thinking about purchasing some other (phrase based) Bass VST
I've done little bit of a research and there are 4. products which I might be able to use.
-Virtual Basist (Steinberg) - VB
-Broomstick Bass (Bornemark) - BB
-Jam base(Rayzoon)
- and finally Liquid Electric Liquid Bass from (Ueberschall)

Since I'm not really huge fan of Steinberg VST and I'm working with DP and Logic I 've eliminated VB and also Jam Base since it's not yet released.
So here I'm trying to decide between Ueberschall's Liquid Electric Bass and Bornmark's Broomstick Bass
Another reason I'm posting this thread is that I've found dozens of post on different forums comparing BB and VB but I've never found one of these two to be compared to Liquid Electric Bass.( One reason might be that this product is fairly new)

Anyways I've downloaded demos and tried them for a bit.
So Liquid bass - ability to control audio material as a midi data( new melodyne technology) I have no idea how many styles and phrases are available in this software.I know there are apparently only 3.kinds of basses but on the other hand variety of different scales and ability to edit and map different phrases on the keys. In the demo - those phrases seemed to me little crazy - but that's just me.I thing sound quality was very good.

As far as Broomstick Bass - In my opinion interface appeared little more friendly and hands on.There is huge variety of styles and different basses.I'm not really sure about quality of sounds but they seemed all right.

This is just my very short and simple observation.
So now my question
If anybody has experience with both of these product I would really appreciate some advice on what's better as far as
ease of use,quality of sound,variety of phrases and styles and actually whether there is a chance to use those bass sounds in real recordings.
Hopefully this post will help other people too.
Thanks for your time.