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Topic: Building a gigacomputer - what do you think?

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    Building a gigacomputer - what do you think?

    Hello all,

    I just posted a message about my Delta DIO being a pain, so I decided last night I\'m going to begin building my gigacomputer. I\'ve got the card, and I want to get a motherboard with integrated video. Anyway, here\'s the type of RAM I want to buy:


    And here is the motherboard I would like to buy:


    What do you guys think of my choices? I\'d like to buy them tonight. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Thanks, Chad

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    Re: Building a gigacomputer - what do you think?

    I\'m also thinking about this motherboard... do you think it would compare with the other one?



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    Re: Building a gigacomputer - what do you think?

    Hi Chad,

    The second mother board is a micro ATX so be sure it fits your case. For performance metrics I\'ve found www.tomshardware.com to be a source of reliable information. I was pricing the A7V333 earlier today and found it was actually slightly more than the A7N266, but uses somewhat faster memory. It\'s Via chipset so be sure your sound card is compatible. In any case good luck.


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    Re: Building a gigacomputer - what do you think?

    What you guys think about this one ?


    Seems to be the fastest board one could get for any money now!

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    Re: Building a gigacomputer - what do you think?

    Well, ...

    It says it\'s the fastest mobo/ram combination ever. Fine. No what do you intend to do with it?

    1. Combined GS1600 + sequencer? That would require testing!

    2. Run GS160 solely? That\'s definitely overkill.
    160 voices have been reported with 800-1000Mhz cpu/mobo. Just pick an (older) mobo that been repeatly reported as performing;

    3. Run all kinds of plugins, softsynths, etc...? Most of these do not interfere as low in the kernel as GS. So boost CPU/Ram and you\'re OK.

    Bottom line...this mobo chasing is NOT a critical factor.

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