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Topic: snap! crackle! pop!

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    Exclamation snap! crackle! pop!

    Hello, everyone,

    I'm so bummed. I just loaded GS3 into my brand, new, standalone
    Giga machine, using components to match one of the "working
    configurations" from a thread about machines that work, and...
    No Audio!! well, that's not entirely true. If I stop and restart
    the audio engine, I get a lot of weird time-delayed screeches and

    So far I've only tried Gigapiano. I can see the MIDI volume jumping up
    and down when I play, and I can see the CPU and memory
    resources fluctuating, but all I get out is garbage.

    I have in my system,

    ASUS P4P800 Mobo

    Intel P4 3.0 GHz/800fsb/1MB/fan

    corsair twin 512 memory sticks

    Diamond Stealth 9200SE D10-2004

    maxtor DiamondMax 10 6L80P0 X2

    NEC CD-DVD-RW N27-1878
    Mia MIDI sound card

    Both hard drives are on separate IDE channels, with my sample library
    all alone on IDE2. Both drives are supposed to be Ultra ATA 133,
    and are on 80 conductor cables, but I don't know how to verify the
    data speed.

    I have no sequencer or wave editor on this machine yet. I'm just
    trying to use the Gigabox like a MIDI sound module, nothing
    more. If only that worked, I'd be happy!! All I've tried to
    do with it is play a few notes on GigaPiano, and I either get nothing
    (when I first load it) or lots of time-delayed scratchy garbage,
    if I restart audio engine. (I tried stopping and starting the
    audio engine again, one time, and the program crashed.)

    I tried running the basic diagnostic program, and it gave me what sounds
    like a pretty scary error. It says that the maximum polyphony it
    calculates my system can handle is -1 voices !! Anybody know what
    that could mean?

    I appreciate this forum, having lurked in it for several months while
    I prepared to build this system. Someday, maybe I'll be smart enough
    to contribute. Right now i'm just begging for salvation!!!



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    Re: snap! crackle! pop!

    Sounds ugly. Gigapiano has some mad processing, so try upping your soundcard's DMA Latency.

    Otherwise, Tascam says that a fresh install of Windows is the best starting place. I'd hate to cause you that kind of trouble, but if you're new to giga, you may have much more trouble in store if you skip this step. Get everything nice and clean, and do everything by the book.

    Don't worry too much about the -1 polyphony thing. It happens after crashes/during troublesome periods. Solve your sound issues and that will take care of itself, I think.

    Have you applied all the tweaks per Tascam and MusicXP.net??
    They're all or mostly optional, but there may be something in there that's crucial, I can't remember.


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    Re: snap! crackle! pop!

    Thanks, Belbin. I will try the DMA latency idea.

    My XP install is about as fresh as it gets---this computer has never
    been used for anything else and has nothing installed on it
    except GS3! (other than Minesweeper and Solitaire and whatever
    other junk just comes along with XP).

    I applied all the Tascam tweaks and I believe most of the MusicXP
    tweaks, I'll have to check.


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    Re: snap! crackle! pop!

    another thing to check is the soundcard's sample rate vs gigastudio's sample rate ... they should be set to the same thing.

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    Re: snap! crackle! pop!

    If the soundcard is putting out cr@p when the audio engine if off, it may be a hardware problem. Try re-seating the card in the mobo.

    Best of luck...


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    Re: snap! crackle! pop!

    Thanks to everyone who made suggestions. I loaded the latest drivers from Echo, locked the sample rate of the MIA to 44100, and lo! basic functionality. I knew I came to the right place to get help.

    I'll start a new thread begging for help with my next mystery,
    that the samples sound funny.

    thanks again everyone!


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