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Topic: Hard Drive Performance - EZ-BIOS

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    Hard Drive Performance - EZ-BIOS


    Having troubles getting a new large HD to perform. If I load either Gigapiano or Rides and play lots of notes the computer goes nuts trying to stream the data off the HD fast enough to keep up. Latency first degrades then response becomes impossible as the data is served up.

    I am running 2 HDs on my computer - both Maxtor. One is a Maxtor 7200 10Gig HD 66ATA. This was my data drive for Gigs and works splendidly. It has now become my boot/DAW drive. I never had a problem with latency off of it.

    I bought a new Maxtor 7200 ATA133 60Gig drive. This has become my new data drive for Gigs. Upon installation I needed to run Maxtor\'s EZ-Bios to make it happy. (my mobo is Intel EEA2 815e chipset).

    Functionally, the HD mostly works, but from a performance perspective it stinks. I also notice the IDE bus light sometimes gets locked into the on position - I tried to copy 6 Gigs of files from the old drive to the new and it brought the system down.

    Does it sound like I have a bum HD? Is EZ-Bios a bad thing for Gigastudio?

    Do I have a compatability problem oversizing the HD to the MOBO?

    Very confusing that a newer HD with higher specs performs worse than an older drive.

    Thanks in advance for your ideas and answers.

    BTW I have already:

    - Flashed to the highest BIOS available
    - Defragmented the drive (and Gigapiano is the only thing on it!)
    - Installed Intel mobo controllers that automatically set DMA on


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    Re: Hard Drive Performance - EZ-BIOS

    Hi Scott,

    I don\'t know if this will help you much but FWIW, I\'ve been using EZ-bios with a Western Digital drive for years and there has been no problem with Giga. I would suspect the drive itself. I read on another forum how one guy was going crazy, tried everything, and finally found the Maxtor was faulty.

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    Re: Hard Drive Performance - EZ-BIOS

    Thanks Lucas I am glad to hear it is not EZ-Bios.

    I actually played with the polyphony count and note stealing sliders and that fixed the problem when playing the gig\'s directly. That is I can do elbows with sustain down on the Gigapiano and not trouble the HD.

    HOWEVER, next question, When I play a sequence that holds the sustain pedal down, Gigastudio freaks out the HD. It is like the Polyphony setting and note stealing don\'t get triggered when using a sequencer and it freaks out the HD.

    Any one else discovered this problem?



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    Re: Hard Drive Performance - EZ-BIOS

    I use EZ-BOIS with a Maxtor 60 GB, no prob. Also, the behavior you describe I had something similar which disapppeared when I upgraded for 128 MB to 384...

    Don\'t know if this will help you or not, other have found different solutions, check the archives.


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