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Topic: Free DX EP's - need hosting...

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    Free DX EP's - need hosting...

    Hi guys,

    I have a collection of DX elec piano samples which I made for a project and would like to release them to perhaps give something, however small, back to all the guys that have helped me on this and other forums.

    The samples I have are:

    DX Fender Rhodes (Preset 1A11) @ 64 and 127 velocity - every note (61), full decay.
    DX Full Tines @ 127, same as above.

    I've created a bank of sounds using these samples which - to me anyway - sound great

    Problem is, I need hosting . Does anyone know where I can post these? Uncompressed they are several hundred Megs, so I imagine compressed they would be a hundred or so - will get back to you on that.

    If anyone knows where I could put them up I would be grateful.



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    Re: Free DX EP's - need hosting...

    That is one of my missing links with current GS3/scope rig. Please send me that, and D50 samples if you can. Don't have great computer skills, just tour around as a sideman/composer and such. But have extensive knowledge on modular analog, and samplers. I mix and match WAV files of my Matrix 12/ XPander and other samples from Kyma Capybara DSP/ Scope DSP for real fresh timbres. Since GS3 has the memory for long recording of waveforms, it's enabled us to sample our big analogs and use them in certain instances, i.e. extra polyphony and patch memory just to name a few.

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