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Topic: Chord transformation

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    Chord transformation

    Hi friends
    Does anyone know a midi plug in that performs chord transformation according to what chord I play on the keyboard?
    - I record a strumming guitar pattern in C key
    - I play it looped with midi plugin activated
    - I play Fm chord (two fingers) on my keyboard
    - I hear Fm strumming guitar
    Practically speaking it is an arranger keyboard feature condensed in a midi plugin

    thanks in advance

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    Re: Chord transformation

    Check out MusicLab's Rhythm'n'Chords at musiclab-dot-com.
    This is a MIDI plugin that might help. Also some sequencers (logic environment)can be programmed to transform MIDI data from single notes to chords. See the manual of your sequencer. The Akai EWI (electronic wind instrument) also came with a synthesizer module that allowed single midi notes to be transformed into a pre-programmed chord progression that could be called up during performance. Michael Brecker used this. Check out: Michael Brecker Band Live on the tune "Original Rays." (Unbelievable!)

    New York City

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    Re: Chord transformation

    thank you

    Sorry I would like that:

    chord from keyboard ---> pattern played in that key


    key -----> pattern played in that key
    Fm is not a single key
    some keyboards or even RMCA PRO have a conventional rule:
    one key -> major chord
    root+minor 3rd -> minor chord
    or root+2nd interval ->minor chord

    I need real time transformation of my pattern not necessarily strumming guitar

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