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Topic: Ethno Techno Expander - Groove Control

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    Ethno Techno Expander - Groove Control

    I purchased awhile back the ET expander....but found out just recently it wont make the september release date and now it was going to be released in spring. ok cool. found out that you could buy the original ET and ilio would send you the expander free when it was done. even better
    so i ordered the ET Groove Control version thinking i could just use the RMX convertor and make my expander for now.
    However now that i got it in the mail it says ET Roland Edition. Im a Logic User and have no Roland gear. Is this going to effect me? I see that there is an akai verison....i know i can convert akai sample libraries in the EXS but not sure about Roland. Do i need to send it back?

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    Re: Ethno Techno Expander - Groove Control

    Use the SAGE converter that comes with RMX to convert the Rolandfiles into RMX files.
    Then use the loops in RMX just like the expander version.


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    Re: Ethno Techno Expander - Groove Control

    Didnt the Roland libs have some kind of 'emphasis' applied to their samples as opposed to all the other libraries though? (Sorry I am probably not using the correct term.)

    mgr, Legacy Lab

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    Re: Ethno Techno Expander - Groove Control

    yes it does, but the sage converter takes this into account...

    it is written by the same guy who does cdxtract AND more importantly guess who is mr. spectrasonics? eric persing who was mr. roland for over a decade.
    trust me the conversion is great......
    richard sven
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