Hi everyone,

I hope somebody can help me with the following problem:

When using large samples like the EW Steinway B piano sample, I get short drop outs from time to time, BUT ONLY when I use the hold pedal of my Roland A90.

Since I build a complete new machine with mostly the latest technology, I have no idea what else I can do to solve the problem.

My configuration:

Pentium IV Pin 423
512 MB Rambus PC800
Motherboard Asus P4T
2x DTLA 307030 IBM harddrives
Emagic AMT 8 USB MIDI interface
RME Hammerfall 9636 LE soundcard
external RME ADI 8 Pro converters

Nevertheless if I run Windows 98SE or Windows 2000, I get the same drop outs at the same positions of a song. I also believe that it\'s not a problem of the soundcard, since the drop outs are also there when recording internally with Gigastudio 96.

The maximal polyphony when using the large samples is around 54 which shouldn\'t be a problem either.

I configured my OS by using the TAscam and RME recommendations etc. . So everything should be alright, but it isn\'t!!!

I was wondering if the hold pedal sends some information (e.g. \"all notes off\" or so) that Gigastudio 96 can not interpret. Or if it could be a problem with the USB MIDI device by Emagic. Could that be a problem? If not, does anyone has an idea what else it could be?

I would appreciate your help very much!!!
Thanks so much,