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Topic: BÖSENDORFER loudspeakers?

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    BÖSENDORFER loudspeakers?

    Just out of curiosity, has anyone heard these? They appear to have been out for over a year, but I\'ve never seen them mentioned.

    They appear to be manufactured for the sole purpose of listening to a piano, and are expensive, if I read my Deutch marks correctly.

    On the other hand, do they create a better sound than a good set of flat response monitors?

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    Re: BÖSENDORFER loudspeakers?

    Forgot the link:


    The sidebar at the left offers more info. The PDF file is in German, I\'m afraid.

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    Re: BÖSENDORFER loudspeakers?

    I checked their web page. The PDF is in German. Here a short translation of the Key Headings:

    For over 170 years Boesendorfer is extremly successfull with the study of sound. This sound, caused by strings creates a complex process of resonance in wood. In an ideal scene, a loudspeaker is also such a vibrating body. Boesendorfer has developed a high quailty speaker system which is based on a standard of highest tech and acoustic researches.

    If a sensitive perceptiion for a vibrating body comes together with a high musical understanding, it needs more than a scientific approach ...

    Since known peakers usually are regulated electronically, use equalizers and are overloaded with frequency separators and sound proofing materials, the Boesendorfers create a balanced, targeted, acoustic activ vibrating, overall sound experience.

    The main ingedient is the patented horn resonator. The emission-area of the sub-woofer system is augmented without inertia and therefore
    optimizes the adjustment to the concert room. Only this way, the distortion free and fastest attainable bass will be possible. Another important component is the acoustic active frequency separator. The speakers are specifically constructed and their position is deremined carefully.

    Construction and high quality parts are responsible for the pure sound reproduction. They guarantee: full sound, sound spectrum, impuls fedelity, spatial panorama and origin of soundposition. This con usually only experienced in nature or during live events...\"

    Hope this helps.

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