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Topic: your opinons on akai converter

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    your opinons on akai converter

    Few days ago Holger mentioned S-converter may produce clicks when converting akai samples. Anyone else experienced that?
    What parameters can not be translated in GIG file from AKAI?

    What about sonic fidelity of akai sample CD-ROMs. Is it going to be some audio degradation when converting from AKAI to GIG?

    Filters, EGs, LFOs...
    Will they \'survive\' the conversion?

    Which CD-ROMS make problems when converting?

    Reason for all these questions is that I have a huge collection of AKAI CD-ROMs and dont have extra money for GIGA CD-ROMs.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: your opinons on akai converter

    i\'ve had some success (bob clearmountain drums II) and some mixed (bolder sounds eclectic, where some zones are off-pitch by a semitone or more).

    in general, this utility needs some work. it\'s version 1.0 and giga is 1.6. the big pain about it now is that you have to drill down through each volume and select each preset to add it to the batch list. it should really allow me to select volumes or even the whole disk.

    even better would be a librarian to keep track of these converted gigs -- simple media manager stuff. i wanna little database app to keep track of my gigs by sound category and which projects i\'ve used them on.

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    Re: your opinons on akai converter

    I\'ve converted a couple of Akai CD\'s without problems, but only single samples, no loops.
    As I remember, Holger noticed clicks on loops.


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    Re: your opinons on akai converter

    my experience says most loops are imported correctly wit GS, but some loops are clicking. It seems to be that some ROM´s make big problems, others not. Klicking loops after importing is not a GS specific thing, almost all samplers have 1-5% damaged loops when importing from foreign formats. It is the different way samplers deal with loop information.

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