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Topic: Instrument Stacking

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    Instrument Stacking

    Does Kontakt 2 have a feature equivalent to Giga 3's ability to stack instruments onto a single midi channel?
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    Re: Instrument Stacking

    Sure. You can set any number if instruments to respond to the same MIDI input.

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    Re: Instrument Stacking

    I think actually you are referring to the ability to create banks that allow you to send program changes to different instruments/instrument articulations on the same midi channel. You are allowed 128 instruments within a bank.

    The instruments are indeed stacked and it works great.

    So, yes, it is possible.

    Load>New Instrument Bank>Click Wrench Icon>Start dragging and dropping instruments into the program change panels.

    In your sequencer/notation program/etc. just send program changes to that channel in Kontakt 2 to switch instruments/instrument articulations.

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    Re: Instrument Stacking

    In Giga3 you can also setup keyswitchs or a controller to go back and forth between different instruments within a stack. Is something like this also possible in K2?
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    Sound Libraries for Gigastudio and Kontakt

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    Re: Instrument Stacking

    Yes, you can set up custom keyswitchs to switch between instruments. Do a search of the forums and you should finds some posts on this. It is a little long and involved to explain.

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    Re: Instrument Stacking

    Here's Kevin's tutorial for key switches.


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