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Topic: FX Teleport/Giga VST Adapter question

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    FX Teleport/Giga VST Adapter question

    I have 2 PCs - one host running Sonar and one dedicated GS3 slave. I use a KVM switch with one monitor/mouse/keyboard.

    I recently installed FX Teleport and Giga VST Adapter and, though they seem to work fine, I was disappointed to discover that I can't hear the GS3 audio when the host machine is not selected on the KVM switch.

    For those of you using FX Teleport/GVA, is there a way for me to hear the Gigastudio audio when my Host is not selected on the KVM? (Beside installing a hardware interface.) Did I miss a setting in the FX-Max software? Or maybe there's an alternative to using KVM, like Remote Desktop, that will accomplish what I'm after?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: FX Teleport/Giga VST Adapter question

    Huh. I'd think the KVM switch should only control what you see on your monitor and what machine the mouse and keyboard control.

    I've used Gigateleport with Sonar 4 and a Giga machine and a KVM switch and the audio streamed back to the Sonar machine and out its audio card no matter how the KVM was switched.
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    Re: FX Teleport/Giga VST Adapter question

    Thanks for your reply.

    After playing with the setup a bit more, I realized that the reason I couldn't (seem to) hear audio when I had the Giga machine on the KVM was due to a problem with my host audio interface (Gina24) drivers.

    In ASIO mode, I can only hear VSTIs/DXIs when Sonar is in playback/record mode. When Sonar is in a 'stopped' state, I can't hear anything when I tap the keyboard controller, no matter which machine is selected on the KVM.

    I have another question, if your game:

    I can't figure out how to route multiple stereo pairs from GS3 to my host sequencer - Sonar.

    For an example: On the GS3 slave, I enable FX-Max GigaBridge outputs 1/2 and 3/4 in GS3, then set 'output#' to 4 on the Giga VST adapter. I can hear audio just fine on outputs 1/2, but when I route any channels to outputs 3/4, I can't hear anything on the host, although I can see the audio on the level meters for the GS3 outputs and GVA.

    I figured there would be a way to open multiple instances of the GVA plug on the host sequencer and choose which audio channels to route to them, but that doesn't appear to be the case.

    I've read the manuals and I know I'm missing something really simple, but I can't figure out what it is.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: FX Teleport/Giga VST Adapter question

    I figured it out.

    The problem was that I was inserting the GVA plugin directly into the FX bin. I now understand that you have to use 'insert DXi synth' from the 'Insert' menu.

    Groan...I knew I was missing something obvious.

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