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Topic: Library Learning Tools

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    Library Learning Tools

    In my ideal world I'd love to have an orchestral learning tool that would give examples and counter examples of the proper techniques (and pitfalls to avoid) and how to achieve certain effects.

    I'm coming at this from a learning and hobbiest's point of view. Given a certain library, I'd like to know what the original orchestra might sound like using a selected articulation playing a part from a famous classical piece that would highlight that method of playing and what to avoid/look out for when making your own pieces.

    I think that would be nice for various reasons:
    a) you'd hear a real orchestra (the one that that library was based on) playing a real snippet highlighting an articulation you might be interested in using
    b) the library creator would then reproduce that part using the library (lets assume they'd be the best person for the job considering they created the library)
    c) they'd describe exactly how to achieve their best practice with that articulation in the demo for b) and even possibly where it falls short and why
    d) they'd give real life midi files/project files for some of the more popular sequencers out there demonstrating their examples

    Even beyond articulations, it would be nice to see how to best achieve certain effects using their library (like swells etc).

    I realize a lot of this would cover most libraries but it would be a nice dedicated touch to add to specific libraries.

    I like what garritan has put together on his site for GPO for sure. Theres some excellent learning materials there. But in the larger libraries, there are sometimes so many controls and ways to achieve an effect it would be nice to hear from the creators as to their suggested best practices.

    Hopefully, this isn't too basic a request - I realize some of these libraries are likely targetted at professionals who wouldn't necessarily need this information. I'd be willing to pay for such things and/or it might be a nice incentive as a library for not only professionals but the less experienced as well if it was included or at least available.

    Anyways, just thought i'd put that out there for the next library creator to think about at sampling time.


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    Re: Library Learning Tools

    I hear what your saying, and have thought a little about it, too. But the fact is, there is already more info and tutorials along the lines of what you are asking than can possibly be assimilated in one lifetime. You just have to dig around a little. I don't believe something this precisely comprehensive can, will, or even should generate from one unique, central source. It's rather the ecclectic sum of many, many smart people offering wisdom in an array of forms and from a variety of sources. We pick up our shovels and dig, experiment, and discover.


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    Re: Library Learning Tools

    i for one think that this is a great idea. true, there's already a wealth of material, but as quasar said, you have to dig around to find it. what's to say against having all the valuable information available from one source? plus, even if there's already lots of info, there's always room for some more. i sure would welcome such an effort and think that if producers of orchestral libraries jumped on that idea, their products would sell like hotcakes to people who would like to experiment with orchestral types of music but are a little put off by the vast amount of learning that comes with it. so, thumbs up for the idea!

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