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Topic: New PC Advice

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    New PC Advice

    Hi everyone. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum but I\'m looking to buy a new pc soon. The one I use is ok. Errors happen once in a while no biggie. So I happen to see one here http://www.asseenontvpc.com/ and I wanted to ask anyone if this a good pc to use with Gigastudio? Does anyone use it? And what experiences good/bad have you encountered?

    Sorry if I\'m sounding like a bit pushy. I want to avoid pc\'s that are troublsome so I don\'t want to just throw away cash in the trash.

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    Re: New PC Advice

    Go to Walmart online http://www.walmart.com and check out their series of gaming computers. These have all the necessary specs for running a sequencer/Gigastudio system at a good price point. Disclaimer: I have not personally tested out these machines, but since Walmart has pretty good return policy, your risk is much lower than buying from an unknown vendor.

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    Re: New PC Advice

    Wow, I didn\'t know any computers existed that have Lindows OS. Hmm. Anyways is Giga compatible with that OS? I kinda doubt it but just asking to make sure. Thanks.

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