After weeks of scoping out the options, and analyzing user comments, requests for help, Tascam forum leader statements, and just about every website with Giga in the name, I finally felt confident that I had found a combination that worked.

The Sleekline 1800, a 1U rackmount box with 1.8 GHz P4, 512MB RAM, 40 GB system drive and 120GB sample drive. One PCI slot. It has to be custom cut for the PCI card, they didn\'t put a standard opening in the case for some reason.

I asked at the Tascam site, and Kevin, one of the moderators, had high praise for the Layla24. So I bought one, and it is being shipped to the system folks so they can cut the card opening in the back of the case.

I just happened to call Echo Audio today to get the size of the card so I can build a nice portable case, and in the course of the conversation, mentioned to the tech that I had a box with a Sis650 chipset. He said, \"Oh, that probably won\'t work!\"

I plan on running Win 2K, but I can install anything if it makes a difference.

Does ANYBODY have any knowledge they can share about this combination? Quickly? It\'s Tuesday evening. If I call tomorrow, I can get them to not cut the case, ship me the card and I can resell or return it and use something else.

Has anybody got a stable system with that chipset working?