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Topic: From MIDI-Mockup to Real Orchestra: EQ Feature on the GPO Competition

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    From MIDI-Mockup to Real Orchestra: EQ Feature on the GPO Competition

    EQ Magazine has featured the GPO Competition in an article in this month's issue. The article "From MIDI-Mockup to Real Orchestra" describes the process of going from MIDI sequences to a real orchestra.

    Here's a link to the article.

    Quote Originally Posted by EQ Magazine November 2005
    GPO founder Gary Garritan takes a walk on the wild side of Moravian MIDI mock-down madness. Most digital orchestrators know how to do an orchestral MIDI-mockup. The process of taking an orchestral score and creating a MIDI sequence of it using orchestral samples is no bit of rocket science: The goal is to make the MIDI version, or mock-up, sound like the real thing. But we had a brainstorm and instead of the usual going from orchestra to MIDI-mockup realization, we decided to go from a MIDI-mockup to a real orchestra. We called it a MIDI mock-down and liked it so much that we had a competition to see who could do the best one.

    Some may wonder “isn’t it the goal of some sample developers to ‘replace’ an orchestra”? Not so! My goal is to point people to the real thing and to real players and demonstrate how orchestral tools can facilitate the move to live orchestra. And sponsoring a competition would accomplish this goal.

    Why? How? What?

    Well it all started with an idea. A desire to do something special for musicians. Many musicians were buying orchestral libraries but few would have experience with a live orchestra. It’d always been a dream of mine to have my works played by a real orchestra. What if we could give musicians the opportunity to work with a real orchestra in the form of a competition?
    The article chronicles the competition and describes the conversion of a sequence to an orchestral score, proper scoring, the role of the conductor, preparing the parts, rehearsals, score troubleshooting, and the final performance.

    Many thanks to Andy Brick who co-wrote the article. Many thanks to those that participated in and supported the competition. And thanks to EQ for the nice feature on the competition.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: From MIDI-Mockup to Real Orchestra: EQ Feature on the GPO Competition

    Nice article!!!


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    Re: From MIDI-Mockup to Real Orchestra: EQ Feature on the GPO Competition

    Well done Gary and Andy!

    That was certainly enlightening. I can appreciate all the hard work it takes from midi-to-score-to-real performance. I hope to be able to appreciate that MANY times in my life. (maybe next competition? ) Reading this has revitalized my excitement for the next contest, whenever it may be.

    Nothing beats a real orchestra.

    Thanks againg for that wonderful insight.

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