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Topic: Gigapulse Installation problem

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    Gigapulse Installation problem

    I originally installed Gigastudio on a system without installing Gigapulse. I was hoping I'd just be able to install it later.
    Gigastudio has been updated to version 3.1. The problem is that when I try to 'Install Content' and add Gigapulse, I get told that there is a previous Beta version of Gigastudio 3.0 on my system and asks me if I'd like to install it.
    I'm not really sure why this Install Content option is here if I have to reinstall Gigastudio.
    How do I go about installing Gigapulse without haveing to uninstall Gigastudio?


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    Re: Gigapulse Installation problem

    I'm not sure that is possible. But you could try to make the task of uninstalling/reinstalling Giga [at least seem] easier.

    Did you know that you can export your current GS3 registration to a folder on your computer, and use that to skip the initial registration process when you reinstall? As long as you don't change anything about that folder, you can uninstall, restart your PC, and then reinstall. Choose to install GigaPulse this time and then import the saved registration folder.

    Here's how you can do it...

    You can export your registration by clicking START > PROGRAMS > GIGASTUDIO > CONFIGURATION MANAGER. (I'm summarizing, but that's the basic location.) The "GigaStudio Software License Authorizer" window appears. Then click the "Backup License Now..." and follow the onscreen prompts. This will create your registration backup folder. (For future reference, you can move this folder around but don't change its name or contents.)

    Then uninstall/reinstall.

    After installation is complete, once again start up the Configuration Manager. Click on the "Restore License Now..." button and follow the wizard that appears.

    As long as nothing goes wrong, and it shouldn't (I have actually done this before), it should be as simple as that. Not hard at all and should definitely solve your GigaPulse problem.

    Good luck!
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